Liong Mah Knives For Sale Authorized Dealer

Great Designs

Liong Mah Endevour custom buffed and given a great anodized look.

Innovative designs put Liong Mah Knives on the cutting edge of the industry.

 Liong Mah knives are designed to provide the public with exceptional designs that are executed with precision manufacturing in the Reate Facility.  These knives provide an exceptional product with high standards of fit, finish, and functionality.  


Custom Anodized Liong Mah Knives.

We here at JD Cutlery we are very happy to provide you high quality Liong Mah Design knives with a custom finish.  

Authorized Liong Mah dealer.  Liong Mah and Jeff Perkins of JD Cutlery.
Liong Mad Lanny with great purple and gold anodizing.