Reate Knives For Sale Authorized Dealer


Custom anodized Reate Knives.

 They buy steel from American, Germany and Japan. Commonly used steels are: Bohler-M390,S35VN, S30V, S90V, VG10, RWL34, and Damascus. Handle material we use includes: titanium 6al4v, carbon fiber, G10, copper, aluminum, wood and various kinds of natural material.  


Reate is a newly built brand for high quality knives. The founder is a long-term knife enthusiast. With a background of mechanical design and manufacturing major, he seeks detailed perfection for the design and making the knives. Reate is capable of manufacturing high quality knives with professional production equipments including CNC high speed engraving machine, milling,  CNC grinding and low temperature tempering furnace. 


Custom anodized Reate Knives.

 They design and make their own knives. They believe good quality and innovation is the key to development.   

We Here at JD Cutlery are excited to announce becoming and authorized Reate Dealer.  We will be bringing you many more customized versions of the latest Reate knives.

Authorized Reate Dealer.