Authorized Jake Hoback Dealer

Authorized Jake Hoback dealer.  Hake Hoback A8 custom anodized.

Customized Slimeline A8

Customized Jake Hoback Knives

Custom anodized Jake Hoback mid tech knives.  A8, OSF, and MK Ultra.

We will be stocking all the newest models in the Jake Hoback linup with a JD Cutlery twist.

Jake Hoback Knives

Customized MK Ultra

Jake Hoback Authorized Dealer

We here at JD Cutlery are very happy yo be adding customized Jake Hoback Knives to our line up.  Jake Hoback is known through out the industry as a quality maker with great values.

Custom filework on select models

Jake Hoback A8 with custom file work and anodizing for a true custom feel on your mid tech knife.

CustomContact us about specalized file work on select models.